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Originally meant to be a Tangent Avenue Patreon exclusive, Tangent Tabletop is an actual play D&D podcast where we’re telling a story that puts our characters in a constant moral dilemma where they have to ask themselves the question: am I doing what’s right? The world of Iglos is very divided, with many sides to a seemingly impending war where the fate of the world is at risk. We tell this story through role play, music, and sound effects that will drag you into the world and make you ask yourselves the same question every step of the way. Please, join us in the world of Iglos by listening to Tangent Tabletop on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you get your podcasts.

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The Hosts


Tazmen Couie

Game Master

Following the rule of cool, Tazmen's just here to make sure everyone has a good time while also stressing them out.


Erin Elzea

Mink Manvagoo

Goblin Rogue

When Mink was little, her family got ran out of their hiding place for tormenting the nearby town. A noble by the name of Vullar found her and decided to use her as a pet and entertainer. She grew up being forced to do tricks like an animal and was fed scraps, just enough to keep her alive. By the age of nine, she decided that she had enough and escaped from the chain around her neck and out of the box she was kept in. She stole what she needed to get food in the next town over and has continued to run and live on the streets in hiding as an urchin

Mink is a goblin with olive green skin, black hair and white eyes. She hides scraps of food and trinkets away in her pockets and likes to squeeze into small places where no one else can get her. She believes the rich need to he shown what life and death are like in the gutters.

"It's not stealing if I need it more than someone else."


Bryson Bierman

Nick Dewrider

Human Monk, Former Paladin of Honor

Nick grew up in the City of Bells in the Karnadian Empire. He never knew his parents so The Knights of Honor took him in and raised him. On his 13th birthday, Nick was given his Rapier by Arch-Bishop Greene and told that starting his next day he would begin drilling. From that day forward Nick was one of the most diligent students in the temple. He drilled for 8 hours straight during the day and would often sneak out to drill well into the morning. On his 20th birthday, he was named Knight and given the last name Dewrider after accomplishing a great feat managing to catch a dewdrop as it falls from the leaf of one of the sacred trees of honor. After breaking a rule set by The Order, Nick was excommunicated from the church and branded a criminal. If not for his escape, his sword likely would have been taken from him along with his freedom. Since that day Nick has been wandering and trying to find purpose.


Anthony Drake

Oliver Sacrespire

Human Storm Sorcerer

After finding an artifact crash landing in his backyard, Oliver is struck by lightning as he lifts it from the crater, almost killing him. His father finds him passed out in the crater and tried to pick him up only to be electrocuted. As a result, Oliver was locked in his room for years by his father. For his safety, and the safety of others as he was terrified of what little Oliver could do.

Oliver wasn’t allowed to leave his room. No playing with other kids. No going outside. He started to learn activities on his own, like playing chess, painting, and learning violin as the housekeeper critiqued him and told him how to get better. He tried to learn to control his power but still struggles to this day. At the age of 18, his father hesitantly freed his son to explore the world he was kept away from for so long.


The World of Iglos

“Iglos Sleeps” is a phrase printed on every coin that circulates the three great nations. Iglos was very tired before he entered his eternal slumber. He actively worked against creating life holding within himself the power of the big bang that created the universe. When he finally succumbed to the exhaustion the universe exploded out from him along with it 6 distinct shards that became the Gods of this world. Oldar, Gygnir, Khadros, Ira, Iasis, and Eta all anchor the fundamental principles of reality together. 
Of all the nations the Karnadian Empire is the most Devout in the way they follow these gods. The nation is incredibly militaristic which paints the way they view the gods. Knights in the Karnadian Empire are always directly associated with one of the 6 great orders based out of the city of bells and these knights always hold a rank equal to that of Major. Technically speaking the 6 great orders are meant to be completely separate from the Karnadian Military but in times of war the great orders have never failed to get involved. 
In the last 20 years have proven very difficult for the Karnadian Empire as an intense frost has caused the majority of their land a frozen wasteland pushing them further and further south with fewer and fewer acres of farmable land. This resulted in the annexation of Hedgepoint, a small elven village that grows a very unique crop. Since then the tensions between the Empire and the Elvish villages of Obrain have only grown and recently this has even caused a couple of small skirmishes on the border. 
This isn’t the only cause of tension in the world. In the last 5 years there have been massive ripples across the threads of divine magic which caused some clerics and paladins to lose access to their magic all together. It's widely believed that a significant drop in people's faith in the gods is the cause for this but no one knows for sure.





Hundreds of years ago, the Elvish Obrain village of Hedgepoint was terrorized by a dragon that burnt down the village and acres upon acres of farmland, sending the townspeople into disarray. The dragon, El’Kor Doruk, meaning “Destroyer of Hope” in the native elvish tongue, wrecked havoc upon the countryside leaving most of the villagers homeless, hungry, and scared. Desperate, the townspeople put together a hunting party to hunt down the down beast of the mountains even though they knew they stood no chance, but El’Kor Doruk was never to be found. The dragon disappeared, never to be seen again. 

The townspeople rebuilt, and from that burnt cropland arose from the ashes a special type of wheat that can be found nowhere else in all of Iglos. They named this new crop “Dov’Doruk,” or Dragon’s Hope. The bread and drink this crop provided is highly sought after and known worldwide for it’s unique taste. Hedgepoint never allowed itself to grow into a full blown city, the locals liked their little town, so instead they opted to establish trade between the nations of Iglos and have become crucial to providing the world’s crops, making up at least 60% of the all crop growth and trade.


Every couple of years, the night skies over Hedgepoint and the nearby mountain, El’Kor’s Swallow, basks in an orange and red glow, said to be El’Kor’s flame haunting even the skies of the land, and on the quietest of nights, some say you can still hear the screams of the villagers burnt alive and the dragon’s haunting roar from the mountaintop.


Currently under the forced military rule of The Karnadian Empire, the town has been through a lot over the past few years. It’s seen many battles between the Obrain collective and The Karnadian Empire, and though The Empire took it by force: they never made the native elves leave. At least that’s what they want you to believe. They’ve expanded the town, adding a new tavern and more lodging for the citizens of The Empire and pushing the elves to the south side of town, closest to the border. Although segregation isn’t enforced or talked about, it’s common knowledge amongst the elves that they aren’t wanted in their own town and aren’t welcome in the more heavily populated areas. Many have already left to return to Obrain in fear, while others have stood their ground and refuse to leave. Fights break out often between Empire soldiers and the elves, so much so that an extension has been made to the town’s jail to accommodate for the increase in elven prisoners. 

Over the last few months, farmers have begun disappearing. Locals point to The Empire being at fault, taking farmers and replacing them with their own citizens to gain control of the crop trade, but no one is certain if this is true.



The main pantheon of this world consists of 7 major gods that all sit high above the realms of mortals. Their interests sit far beyond the understanding of those who worship them and they rarely involve themselves in affairs so far beneath them. Each of the 7 high gods carry with them 6 minor deities that serve as the hands of their superiors. The minor gods are characterized differently depending on which cultural group you belong to. The warlike Alethi swordlords of the east ascribe military ranks to each of the minor deities whereas more spiritual cultures tend to describe them as great spirits, saints, demigods, great heroes or even martyrs.


God of Gods

(Domains: Light, Peace,)

“Iglos Sleeps” is a phrase printed on every coin that circulates the three great nations. No one knows much about him which is probably why his believers fit a very particular niche. Anyone who truly worships Iglos is likely seen as a base civilization that worships the sun. The rituals in his name utilize extravagant costumes with very bright colors and flowing dances. 

Iglos was very tired before he entered his eternal slumber. He actively worked against creating life holding within himself the power of the big bang that created the universe. Eventually all he could think of was the relief just a small nap would give him and the sensation took him. In this moment we see the big bang and 6 pieces of him spread out amongst the universe. Iglose burnt bright in the center with the most powerful glow bathing the small planet closest to it in a calming and beautiful glow.


God of War | The Warrior Poet

(Domains: War, Peace)

Some people hear the words “War God” and think of a berserker who lives off the blood and chaos of the battlefield, no  true worshipper of Oldar would make this mistake. Where the Karnadian Empire might make the mistake of thinking Oldar favors the strong in war. Elves and Dwarves on the other hand are old enough to know that Oldar truly favors the righteous. This is almost always the defender of the war but on the rare occasion you do see Oldar support those who wage war on the decrepit and the evil.

Oldar does not believe in some sort of beauty on the battlefield or the beauty of death. He truly favors those passionate in their goals, those that fight for their beliefs and those willing to die for their causes. He takes no pleasure in the death or violence but rather the clash of Ideals. In ancient elvish society he was even seen as a paragon of debate. 


God of Craft

(Domains: Forge, Knowledge)

Gygnir is the most widely recognized and worshipped of all of the gods. The paragon of the common people that build and craft to live he is mostly commonly associated with blacksmiths however he is just as relevant to cobblers, 


God of the Storms

(Domains: Tempest, Nature, Arcana)


Goddess of the Rivers

(Domains: Death, Grave, Nature)


Goddess of Spirits

(Domains: Death, Trickery, Twilight)


Goddess of the Weave

(Domain: Arcana, Knowledge Life)