Tangent Avenue

Hosted by: Tazmen and Bryson

Tangent Avenue is a comedy podcast hosted by two best friends, Tazmen and Bryson, where the tangents and friendship is just as important to the show as the random topic of the week which can range from conspiracy theories, to historical events, outstanding people of interest, and anything in between. Join us for a drive down Tangent Avenue every Wednesday!


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The Show

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About The Hosts


Bryson Bierman


Co-host of Tangent Avenue, professional funny man, and believes he's the reason you're here. Don't prove him right, he doesn't need a bigger ego.


Tazmen Couie


Co-host, writer, producer, and marketer for Tangent Avenue. Also somewhat funny. I swear Bryson does stuff too.


How The Show Started

It's pretty simple, really. We love to entertain and like to think we're funny (we are,) so we started talking about starting a podcast in 2018. We never got around to it, and in 2019 we began the conversation again. This time we delved more in to with the idea of starting a D&D podcast. However, with neither of us having any audio editing experience or experience with any of the other ins and outs of making a podcast, we were hesitant to go barreling in with four separate audio tracks to work with. So we decided we'd start our own first.

We've been best friends since 2013 and one of our hang ups is that we REALLY struggle to stay on topic when we have conversations, we've joked about it forever, so we decided to lean into that. Then, our next struggle was we couldn't just settle on one topic for the show. So, we decided we would REALLY lean into the tangents with weekly topics with a very broad range, and have it formatted to where our fans might tune in for a topic, but they'd stick around for us.

And thus, on September 30th 2020, Tangent Avenue was born.


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