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Founded By: Tazmen Couie & Bryson Bierman

Asphalt Studios was founded by Tazmen and Bryson, two best friends with a life long dream to entertain. Here at Asphalt Studios, we are working to provide you with entertainment, not only as a dream to make a living from it, but as a passion. Even in the early days of our friendship, we’ve always dreamed to work together on creative projects. Starting with Tangent Avenue, we've began to realize that dream with plenty more to come.


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Tangent Avenue

Hosted by: Tazmen and Bryson

Tangent Avenue is a comedy podcast hosted by two best friends, Tazmen and Bryson, where the tangents and friendship is just as important to the show as the random topic of the week which can range from conspiracy theories, to historical events, outstanding people of interest, and anything in between. Join us for a drive down Tangent Avenue every Wednesday!


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Tangent Tabletop

Originally meant to be a Tangent Avenue Patreon exclusive, Tangent Tabletop is an actual play D&D podcast where we’re telling a story that puts our characters in a constant moral dilemma where they have to ask themselves the question: am I doing what’s right? The world of Iglos is very divided, with many sides to a seemingly impending war where the fate of the world is at risk. We tell this story through role play, music, and sound effects that will drag you into the world and make you ask yourselves the same question every step of the way.

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Story Trailer



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These shows are in early development. More information to come.

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